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Installation of P.O.E. 0.1.6

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Here's how to install P.O.E. 0.1.6

  1. Set up a test email account if you don't have one already. Do Not run P.O.E. on a real email account until you're sure everything is OK.
  2. Untar the P.O.E. tarball in your home directory. You'll move some of the subdirectories to your home directory later.
  3. As root, in the P.O.E. subdirectory, do "chown -r yourname:yourname *" where yourname is your non-root username.
  4. Install daemontools. You'll use svc to run getmail periodically. Now,
  5. install qmail. ( That should keep you busy awhile :-) Once that's over,
  6. install checkpassword,
  7. Set up qmail-pop3d, and
  8. install getmail.
  9. Replace the ".getmail" directory that gets installed into your home directory with the one from the P.O.E. directory.
  10. The .getmail directory should look like this:
    • log/main <--- the getmail log dir.
    • supervise <--- used by svc to monitor the run scripts.
    • run <--- P.O.E. run files.
    • getmailrc <--- getmail config file.
  11. Configure getmailrc to use the test account you previously set up.
  12. Install safecat.
  13. In your home directory, create a symlink FROM -Note the Leading Dot-".getmail" TO "getmail" -with no leading dot. You need this so you can symlink the getmail directory to /service, which won't work with .directories .with .a .leading .dot.
    • I find Midnight Commander mighty handy for this sort of thing. You're going to be making a few symlinks...
  14. Now, copy the CRM114 subdirectory from the P.O.E. directory to your home directory. It's got subdirectories for logging, and to point to your Mozilla mail directory, etc., and should contain the following scripts and files:
    • adbook.csv - a file needed by adbook.pl; it's overwritten when exporting the Mozilla whitelist, and by adbook.pl.
    • adbook.pl - updates your CRM114 whitelist when you change your Mozilla addressbook.
      • Edit the adbook.pl script and change the $homedir and $mozdir values to yours.
    • alert.crm - issues alerts on good incoming email not in no_alert.mfp.
    • crmfilter.sh - runs CRM114 on your incoming emails.
      • Edit the crmfilter.sh script and change the HOMEDIR value to yours.
    • learnfile.sh - learns files as (non)spam and archives them.
      • Edit the learnfile.sh script
        • Change HOMEDIR and MAILDIR values to yours.
        • Set KILLBROWSER to 1 to automatically kill you browser when learning (non)spam. Otherwise, learning will be postponed until learnfile.sh detects that your browser isn't running. The browser must be stopped while learnfile.sh deletes file(s) where learned (non)spam is stored, then creates new empty ones
    • no_alert.mfp - list of good mail you don't want alerts on.
      • Edit no_alert.mfp if there are types of mail you don't want alerts on. e.g. lists. Use email addresses or words/strings.
    • static_whitelist.mfp - whitelist added to final whitelist along with updated addressbook contents.
      • Edit static_whitelist.mfp if there are types of mail you want whitelisted regardless of what's in your address book. Use email addresses or words/strings.
    • update_whitelist.txt - message emitted by adbook.pl when you change your Mozilla whitelist.
    • whitelist.mfp - WARNING: Do Not edit whitelist.mfp! It will be automatically overwritten by adbook.pl. Edit static_whitelist.mfp instead.
  15. The CRM114 directory should contain these subdirectories:
    • MozMail < --- Symlink you make to your Mozilla maildir.
    • temp/tmp <--- Getmail delivers the mail here via safecat.
    • temp/new <--- crmfilter.sh picks up the mail here.
    • logs/alert <--- alert.crm logs
    • logs/auto_whitelist < -- Whitelist updates. Not "auto" yet.
    • logs/learnfile <--- learnfile.sh logs
    • logs/mailfilter <--- mailfilter.crm logs
    • logs/getmail <--- symlink you make to getmail logs.
  16. Install the latest release of CRM114, and put the files you need in the CRM114 directory in your home directory.
  17. In the CRM114 directory, do "chown yourname:yourname *"
  18. Create a symlink FROM ~/.mozilla/.../Mail/your_maildir TO ~/CRM114/your_maildir
  19. Create a symlink FROM ~/.getmail/log/main TO ~/CRM114/logs/getmail
  20. Edit the "run" script in the .getmail directory:
    1. Edit the polling interval value. I reccommend 180 seconds (3 minutes)
    2. Add your username and home directory path to the respective variables.
    3. Change the line that says where to find a sound file to play on alerts.
    4. You may have to change the sound player line too. Didn't I say this was labrinthine?
    5. The "Testing Stuff" section:
      1. If you want to be alerted when getmail is polling, uncomment the line that says
        and edit the SOUNDFILE_TEST variable.
      2. If you want test emails sent out every polling interval, uncomment and edit the lines:
        # EMAIL_ADDRESS="" # <-- Put yours here
        # echo "$DATE" ;echo "Test" | mail -s "Test: $DATE" $EMAIL_ADDRESS
  21. Edit the "run" script in the ~/.getmail/log directory:
    1. Replace "gadget" with your username
  22. Make a symlink FROM ~/getmail --NOT ~/.getmail-- TO /service. Getmail should begin polling any servers you have listed in getmailrc.
  23. Once you're pretty sure everything's working, you can begin to transition to using P.O.E. on a real email account. Here's how I suggest you proceed:
    1. Turn off getmail polling: As root:
      1. # cd /service
      2. # svc -d getmail
      3. # svstat getmail
      4. getmail down N seconds, normally up
    2. If you don't already have an email account in Mozilla/Netscape, set one up.
    3. The server address should be to your ISP's mail server. Set the polling interval to 60 minutes or so to give P.O.E. plenty of chances to get the mail first.
    4. Make sure this account is set up NOT TO receive mail at startup, or else it'll pre-empt P.O.E. having a chance to intercept most of your spam which you probably get each morning when you log in. :-)
    5. Set this account to download all email, then remove messages from the server, to prevent unreceived messages from piling up on the server. This is your failsafe account. You'll always get your mail through this one even if P.O.E. breaks somehow.
    6. Direct getmail to point at your real email address by editing the proper lines in ~/.getmail/getmailrc.
    7. Set the getmail account to read all new messages, but to not delete them from the server. See the getmailrc in the P.O.E. dist, or RTFM.
    8. Set the getmail polling interval to 180 seconds (3 minutes) via the ~/.getmail/"run" script.
    9. Set up a second account for P.O.E. to use:
      1. Set the server address of this one to localhost or your.server.name. using the name of the box running qmail-pop3d.
      2. Set the polling inverval for 1 minute.
      3. Using the browser's mail-window, create folders in your mail directory labeled "spam", and "nonspam"
      4. Set up a filter in Mozilla to direct any mail that has "ADV:" in the subject line to the trash.
    10. Turn on getmail polling: As root:
      1. # cd /service
      2. # svc -u getmail
      3. # svstat getmail
      4. getmail: up (PID NNNN) N seconds.
  24. Relax, and wait for the beep.
  25. * * * END * * *

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